Chatbot Reseller Packages

Chatbot Reseller Packages

by Alex Morgan

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We’ve recently launched our own white label chatbots, available for web designers and digital marketers to resell.
As part of the marketing material, we have released a handbook for both chatbot resellers and their clients (the client ones have to be white labelled before they’re shared). Within the handbook, we have three chatbot packages available to clients and an idea of the cost to the client and the expected revenue that would generate for the reseller.
The handbook provides an overview of each package, but to ensure you can effectively resell the chatbots more detail would be very helpful!

Starter package.

The Starter package is much like it sounds, a dip of the proverbial toe into the world of chatbots. This is great for a small or micro business that wants to use a chatbot but doesn’t yet think they want to have all the bells and whistles.
As mentioned in the handbook, a Starter bot gets the basics of a chatbot – a welcome message, a menu, some text and images and a website integration tool. All this, of course, comes with the support and training for the client.
You get quite a lot from this package, but let’s discuss what you don’t get.
This package does not receive any of the pro features from ManyChat, including client text input (where they can enter their email address or phone number) and advanced JSON advertising.
You also do not receive the ability to connect your bot to a CRM or email marketing platform. Neither do you get access to a booking system or e-commerce options. Also, this bot relies on buttons to direct users and does not allow for a fuller AI experience where the user can just type what they’re looking for.
What the Starter package does is help a client understand that chatbots are very effective and they will want more.

Pro package.

The Pro package is a perfect middle ground. Unlike the Starter bots, a Pro bot is allowed free reign to use all of the ManyChat pro features (hence the name).
With a Pro bot, a business can utilise their bot for online bookings, e-commerce and lead generation.
The online booking, which works with Calendly, allows customers to make bookings for a whole range of reasons, from restaurants to hair cuts and personal meetings. Also, with a Pro booking, you can link it to your Google calendar and integrate it with your CRM or email marketing suite.
A Pro bot allows businesses to sell items online. From shoes to software, both physical and digital items can be easily sold within the bot. It integrates with Stripe to allow a business to freely sell their products in this most efficient of methods.
Finally, the Pro bot allows the business to run adverts from Facebook that draw the user into the bot. This is very powerful because you can capture and warm up leads so much more effectively within Messenger. Once a user is in the bot you can also collect their personal details and store them or automatically connect and send them to a CRM or email marketing platform.
What’s missing from a Pro bot? AI. The Pro bot still relies on buttons to direct the users and is not open for the user to type and ask questions and navigate the bot with commands. The Pro bot is incredibly powerful and an asset to any business, but does lack the interactivity of a full AI bot.

Premium package.

So, what does a Premium bot have? Yes, AI!
The difference is huge. With a Starter and Pro bot, you can really easily direct users to different aspects of the bot by using buttons and the main menu. It works really effectively, assuming it helps the user find what they’re looking for.
Much like using an automated system with a call centre, where you have to press 1 for sales and press 2 for support, etc. Sometimes that list just doesn’t contain what you’re looking for.
A Premium bot has the perfect solution. We connect these bots to Dialogflow – Google’s machine learning system for chatbots. Suddenly we can train our bot by offering it common questions a user might have and what the perfect response it. The great part is that it learns from your training. So if you tell it you’re open every day, including Monday, when a user asks if you’re open Tuesday it will understand and relate that question to its training and know the correct answer.
Much like employing a new receptionist, the AI bot does need training and ongoing support so it can do its job effectively. As part of the advanced support a Premium bot receives is the ongoing bot training.
Once a bot is live to the public all sorts of weird and wonderful questions will be asked – ones that could never be anticipated. As part of the ongoing training, we will retrain the bot every time it’s tripped up by an unusual request. The older the bot, the smarter it gets!
The Premium package really offers the most advanced and wonderful chatbot for any business. It truly opens a business 24/7 and makes business-customer communication as fluid as possible.

Pay monthly or one-off - what's the difference?

Within each package, there’s a choice of payment – monthly or one-off. What’s the difference.
When a client chooses to pay monthly they will get daily support for their bot for the lifetime of their bot. If they have a Pro or Premium bot that includes access to the ManyChat pro features. If they are just a Premium bot buyer they get the ongoing bot training. Essentially, they can sit back and let the experts tweak and improve their bot if they are paying monthly.
If a client chooses to pay outright they will only have one payment and the bot is all there’s. They receive three months of personal training and support to ensure the bot is working perfectly and they get precisely what they paid for. If they are a Premium or Pro client that includes three months of ManyChat pro features. A Premium bot gets three months of training.
After the three months are up the client are on their own. They will need to look after their bot all by themselves. They will also need to pay for the ManyChat pro features themselves and maybe training their AI bot themselves. This is great for a client who has the technical skills to carry on the maintenance themselves.
If after three months they decide they do want the support then that’s still fine. The one-off fee is equivalent to 10 monthly payments for the bot, so by month 11 they will revert to paying the monthly fee for their bot.
Which ever package the client chooses, it’s important the are clearly informed about what level of support they get for their bot.

In summary.

Our white label chatbots are a great way for a web designer or digital marketer to add more value to their customers. For every client you onboard you stand to earn more than 60% of all the payments they make.
Our chatbots come in three distinct packages that allow tiny enterprises to enjoying using a chatbot and for larger corporations to equally benefit.
You can easily become a chatbot reseller today.

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