WP Simplr – Landing pages for Elementor

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

As a web design agency, we believe we are the best way for you to get a website for your business. However, we appreciate that many people prefer to build their own websites.

We know that building websites can be a complex task. For those who choose to do it themselves, we want to provide them with some help. That’s why we launched WP Simplr last year.

What is WP Simplr?

WP Simplr is a set of simple landing pages to be used with the Elementor page builder for WordPress.
There are currently 8 landing pages available to download. The theme is that they’re simple, single-screen pages. From ebook download forms to simple sign-up pages, they are designed to help businesses market and connect with potential customers.
They are designed to help small businesses market like the big boys. They can also be used to help people struggling to use Elementor to explore a complete web page.
We will expand the range of templates to include longer landing pages. For now, the landing pages all help provide simple, straightforward solutions for growing small businesses.

How can I use the templates?

All of the landing page templates are built and designed to be used with the Elementor page builder. Before you even download them, ideally you’d have a domain and hosting purchased and set up. Preferably you’d also have WordPress installed within your hosting with the Elementor plugin installed.
From there, to add our landing pages all you need to do is drag and drop the templates into your Elementor template library. If that sounds complex, watch our short video below.

With the landing pages designed for Elementor, it means you can easily edit all aspects of your landing pages. If you want to download any of our landing pages with a form, you will need Elementor Pro or you’ll need to get a separate form plugin and design your own forms.

What happens if I find it too difficult to build my own website?

There’s no shame in trying and struggling. Recently we’ve spent a lot of time working with small business owners who built their first website and now would like to improve it.
If you’ve had a go at building your own website and you’ve found it hard or would like some help improving or finishing off your website, we can help. We’re always keen to help anyone who wants to improve their online presence.

In summary

If you’re looking for a simple landing page for Elementor and WordPress, check out the range of landing page templates available download at WP Simplr.
If you would like help with your business’ website. get in touch with us and find out how we can help.