Why Use Elementor For Websites?

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

Did you know that WordPress powers around 30% of all websites? You probably did because it’s quite a common fact that people share about WordPress.

The WordPress paradox

What people fail to mention from the start is that WordPress can be incredibly complex for people to get into using. The tech-savvy users will find it a breeze and not understand why anyone would find it so tricky, but when you put it in the hands of the average person it is such a complex tool to use.
Luckily the people behind WordPress have noticed this paradox – WordPress is incredibly popular but very hard to use. With the recent release of version 5 of WordPress, they’ve prioritised drag and drop, block-based building. While this has caused much consternation amongst the tech-savvy WordPress community, it has started the process of making WordPress more available to the average person.
By moving towards a block-based and drag and drop model of page building and editing, WordPress is embracing the sorts of tools that many companies have spent time adding on to WordPress themselves.
Drag and drop builders are quite common for WordPress. There is a range of different plugins to add this feature, such as Divi, Beaver Builder, WP Bakery, Brizy and Elementor.
At the top of all of those page builders is Elementor. The most flexible and well-supported page builder for WordPress.
No coding is required or complex tools. Elementor is a very straightforward visual drag and drop page builder that works on top of your WordPress installation.
Why use Elementor, though?

Speed is everything

Well, we love Elementor. It makes it very easy for us to build websites, but most importantly it makes it very easy for you to look after your website. Firstly, from the point of view of us as developers. In the past, you would get in touch with a web designer and ask them to build you a website. Then you’d wait months for them to hand-code and carefully craft you a website. You get a great end product, but that turn around time is long. By using Elementor it ensures we can generate a website for you in a matter of days, not weeks or months. This supports even the most impatient or agile of business owner. However, the most important benefit of using Elementor is for the business and website owner. In the past, hand-coded websites could only be updated by the developer. You’d need to ask them to make changes and wait for them to find time to do it. Not exactly agile! In the WordPress world, the developer can let you loose on your own website and you can make changes yourself. But without a visual builder, as we now know, the average user would be lost. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had discussions with business owners who’ve winced when I’ve mentioned WordPress because they’ve tried it and given up because it was too hard to use. Editing with a page builder like Elementor is easy, speedy and very intuitive. You click on what you want to change and then change it. You drag in new features you want to include. It’s easy to learn and has no real learning curve to it. Working with Elementor is a no-brainer for us. It makes our workflow easier and quicker and makes it so much easier and speedier for you to maintain your website.

Features, features and more features

Any experienced shopper knows that some things are too good to be true. Great, you can build a website quickly, but what do I lose out from you doing it so rapidly? The answer to that sensible query is… well, nothing. You maintain full control over the design and layout of your website. You can build one-page websites and complex sites. It’s even a lot easier to build and maintain an e-commerce shop with Elementor. With the installation of Elementor, you get a vast range of blocks you can add to your website. There is also a good range of add-on plugins that provide even more features to Elementor. We have a Crocoblock account and use their Jet plugins to add advanced features to Elementor and your website. The Jet plugins allow us to add advanced menus, blog layouts and even a range of e-commerce features. Basically, Elementor and Crocoblock ensure we can build any website and include any feature you’d like on your website. Despite what you might imagine from a speedy process, there really are no limitations or downsides to using a visual page builder like Elementor for your website.

Responsive and reactive

More than half of the traffic coming into your website will be from mobile phones. Your website has to display correctly on those devices, there is no compromise to that. One of the most important features of Elementor is the responsive function. You can switch between viewing and editing your website for a desktop/laptop user to a tablet or mobile viewer. You can also set different margins and sizes of parts of your website for different devices. You can even exclude some things like text and images from displaying on certain devices. Such flexibility ensures that your website is going to be pixel-perfect for every visitor.

Every evolving tech

With such a wide range of features and benefits to using Elementor, you’d expect their developers would be sat back admiring their creation.
However, this most certainly is not the case. The team behind Elementor are constantly improving their page builder to make it as relevant to web developers and business owners as possible.
Elementor does not run the risk of getting stuck in an era and becoming irrelevant to modern websites in two or three years time. It’s constantly evolving and adding in new exciting features.
The same goes for the Jet plugins. Their designers are also adding new features and making changes on a weekly basis. As time goes by their plugins are becoming more relevant and more feature-rich.
Working with a web development agency like Tiny Blue Rocket ensures your website will always be modern and relevant. We constantly push our websites to the edge of modernity in web design.

In summary

Page builders are the future of web design. Hard coding and slow website building are in the past. By working with Elementor, we are ensuring we can deliver pixel-perfect websites within days to any business. Most importantly, what we hand over to you, the business owner is a website that not only looks great but is very easy for you to maintain and fall in love with!