The Client Learning Portal

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

On many occasions, I’ve written and spoken about how at Tiny Blue Rocket the client comes first. We endeavour to listen to our clients and deliver their dream website.

While I’ve been busy improving our website I felt it was also a good opportunity to improve the way we support our clients.
Aftercare is often the way people judge a business. It’s often the most recent, and most lasting impression people have of a business. That’s why it’s important to focus time and effort on delivering first-class aftercare.
To improve our aftercare, we’ve launched a learning portal. It’s a place where clients can come to access videos and support to help them learn how to edit their new website.

How does it work?

Every new client will have an account and a page set up for them to access. Once they log in they will come through to a landing page.
Within the landing page, there will be links to all help videos and support they will need to be able to look after their website.

We build all of our websites with the Elementor page builder. This ensures our clients’ website can be easily edited by the client. This keeps the cost down for small businesses – they don’t need to keep paying us to make basic changes to their text or photo content.
While the Elementor page builder is incredibly easy to use, it does require a bit of time to get used to. Most importantly, it requires a bit of help from us for our clients to understand how to use Elementor.
In the past, we put some help videos on YouTube as ‘Unlisted’ videos and sent the links to clients. It was a fairly inelegant and underwhelming solution.
Now, with our learning portal, our clients can access all help and support from one single landing page. This will undoubtedly ensure all clients can much more easily care for and love their new website!

Who can access the portal?

Any new client will be given access to their learning portal page as soon as their website is live. Moving forwards this will guarantee a high level of support for our clients.
If any existing clients reach out to ask for support they will also have access to our learning portal. Essentially, all aftercare help and support will now be provided through our learning portal.
We’re even working on a white label version. When we work with our web designers, agency or marketing consultants and provide websites for their clients we will also provide first-class support through an unbranded learning portal.
All in all, we are endeavouring to provide excellent aftercare support to all website owners and businesses we work with.

In summary

If you’re thinking about getting a first or new website for your business, but you’re worried about how you’ll look after your website, do not worry!
By having your website built by Tiny Blue Rocket you will not only get a pixel-perfect website but also get first-class aftercare help and support. Owning a website has never been so easy!