Rocket-Powered Websites

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

At Tiny Blue Rocket we pride ourselves on producing pixel-perfect and easy-to-maintain websites.

We work with a wide range of businesses to help them get their dream website. Most importantly, we place the needs and the desires of the client first and ensure we build the website they want.

All of our websites are built using WordPress.

Why WordPress?

There are many ways that agencies or people can build websites. WordPress is responsible for around 30% of all websites – making it the most-used website building platform. Working with the most popular is important. In the past, we’ve tried a range of other website building platforms or resources, but all came with significant limitations. Due to WordPress being the most popular, it is the most flexible and the most supported platform. You can utilise any of the thousands of themes and plugins available for WordPress. You can easily dictate the style and functionality of your website. The thing with WordPress is, if you can think of something you’d like your website to have or to do, you’ll be able to find a plugin to achieve your goal. Unlike other website building platforms, WordPress is perfect for blogs and also for websites. WordPress is perfect for individual people and also for large multi-national companies. There are few restrictions or limitations to you having a website as wonderful as a billion-pound company.

Can’t I just do it myself?

Flooding the TV and social media with adverts are companies that promise to provide a platform where you can build your own website. You don’t need to pay someone to do it for you, it’s easy to do it yourself…right? Well, yes and no. Yes, you can easily set up an account and with some creative thinking and a lot of your own time, you can use something like Wix or Squarespace to build your own website. What we’re finding, though, is a lot of people are getting in touch with us because they’ve tried to do it themselves and have been disappointed. Creating a functional and appealing website is a skill. While you can buy bricks and cement, it’s not exactly easy to build a house. It’s the same with a website. Even with the best tools, it is very hard to build a perfect website. Wix and Squarespace also tell you it’s free to get a website. However, what you will quickly learn with them is that a free account means you’ll have significant limitations. Firstly, your domain will be – not exactly professional! Also, a free account means that you have a limited range of plugins or resources available for you to use to build your website. So you have to pay, so what? Quite quickly you can find with Wix and Squarespace that you are paying out a small fortune for your DIY website. Monthly account costs and added extra features soon mount up and you will find your website is costing the same as it would’ve cost if you’d employed a web designer. However, what you’ve ended up with is a website that is worse than you would’ve got from a skilled designer – all for the same price! Can you build a WordPress website yourself? Once again, it is quite possible, but from my own experience it took over a year for me to become able to create a fully functional website that I was happy with within WordPress. The learning curve is so steep it’s best if you rely on an expert to scale those heights for you.

What happens when it’s built?

As I’ve just mentioned, WordPress is a tricky beast to tame. By choosing to work with an expert you are choosing to allow us to build your perfect website for you. But once it’s done are you abandoned in the wilderness of WordPress? Absolutely not! Firstly, we use a WordPress visual page builder to create our websites. We primarily use Elementor to build our websites. The reason why is simple – it uses a drag and drop system (much like Wix and Squarespace) that make it so simple for anyone to maintain their website. By working with Tiny Blue Rocket you get a lovely website that has been carefully crafted to be as simple for you to maintain as possible. When talking about Wix and Squarespace I mentioned that they absorb a lot of your precious time. That can be the same when it comes to maintaining your own WordPress website. If you feel that once your website is finished, and even though it will be really easy for you to maintain, that you just do not have the time to update and add to it, then we can help. There is no fixed system for handing over our websites – we appreciate that every person or business is unique. Some people want complete control of their website once it’s live. Some want a lot of support and even someone to update it for them. Whatever you want we will provide. Our design is flexible and so is our aftercare support.

In summary

If you’re thinking about getting a new or a first website for yourself or your business, please choose Tiny Blue Rocket.
We build pixel-perfect websites that are easy-to-maintain.
Take away the time and the hassle of DIY builders like Wix or Squarespace and trust an expert to build your dream website.