No Website Too Small!

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

As a web design agency, we’ve always specialised in working with sole traders and small businesses. A lot of agencies as they grow they focus more on bigger ticket clients and become unavailable for the vast majority of small businesses.

As we grow as a business and take on many more types of businesses I wanted to write a blog post to emphasis that for us no job, or website, is too small!

Websites for sole traders and small businesses

Sole traders and small businesses form the backbone of our country and provide work and opportunities to so many people. For many people turning to self-employment and/or freelancing can help them financially after a job loss. That’s exactly why I work as a web designer now!
Working as a sole trader or running a small business means that you don’t have loads of spare money to throw at getting a great website. However, a website is now a fundamental tool of any business, regardless of its size.
It’s very tempting for small businesses to ‘do it themselves’ with their website with a platform like Wix or Squarespace. More often than not it ends up with a business having a website that doesn’t reflect how much they care about what they do.
At Tiny Blue Rocket, we primarily work with sole traders and small businesses. The majority of our work has been with sole traders, either as new businesses or ones looking to revamp and improve their website. We know how to help sole traders and small businesses and what is important to them.

Affordable web design

Firstly, and often most fundamentally important, we aim to make web design affordable for small businesses.
We try to keep our prices low so that sole traders and small businesses can afford to get a great website from us. There’s no point raising our prices and ending up alienating our core client-base!
Not only are our prices affordable, but we also offer payment plans. If you cannot afford to pay in one lump sum for a new website, you can spread out the cost over the next 12 months.
We really do care about helping small businesses and making it financially possible for them to have a great website is part of our ethos.

How we can help small businesses

When we work with small businesses and sole traders the most important thing we do is to listen. What do they want from their website? How will a website help their business?
As I wrote earlier in the year, it’s vitally important that a business understands the purpose of their website. Is it to sell products, provide key information or to provide contact details and lead generation?
Then as an agency, we can design a website that achieves the purpose of the website and the goals of the client and will help elevate their small business.
We build all of our website using the Elementor page builder or WordPress. This ensures that once the website is live it’s ridiculously easy for our clients to manage and maintain their own website. We also provide bespoke training and support via our client learning portal.
By not having to come back and pay money for us to make simple changes, it further emphasises how affordable we make web design for sole traders and small businesses.
Our five-star reviews from sole traders and small business owners show that we care about their business and are able to successfully create a perfect website for them and their growing business.

In summary

If you are looking to get a first website or a revamped website for your small business, choose Tiny Blue Rocket.
No job or website is too small for us. We love helping sole traders and small businesses get their perfect website.
Use our price calculator to generate a quote or get in touch today to find out how we can help you and your business.