Kel’s Belles – A beauty-ful website!

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

It’s been a very busy start to 2021 for me. I’m very proud to announce the launch of the first of many new websites coming this year!

While I say ‘new’ website, it is, in fact, a redesign for my longest-running client. Kelly from Kel’s Belles has been working with me since, according to my records, April 2015. Actually pre-dating Tiny Blue Rocket!

I take great pride in the service I provide to every client, whether they’ve been with me for 6 minutes or nearly 6 years. So it was a pleasure to help Kelly develop her website.

Beauty in the heart of Bedford

Kel’s Belles is a beauty salon in central Bedford that provides a wide range of beauty treatments. From nails to waxing and now including the ridiculously talented skill of semi-permanent makeup, Kel’s Belles provides the solution to many local people’s beauty desires.

When you read the reviews from happy, loyal customers, you can see what a great job Kelly and her team provide to the customers at Kel’s Belles.
When I ventured out into the wild world of self-employment, I thought of Kelly and what an excellent job she has done running and growing her business. She puts her customers and their experience first. That’s certainly something I believe is fundamentally important to my business and for every business.

A redesign and an eCommerce solution

As important as a website is to every business, it’s even more important to recognise that websites are disposable. They won’t last forever and will need to be replaced in time.

Kelly recognises the importance of developing her website as her business develops. I’ve always been keen to help her adapt her website.

Over the past year, Kelly has altered her branding and introduced new colours of green and gold alongside her long-standing silver. A new website needed to introduce and use her new brand colours. I worked with Kelly to take the concepts she’s used on social media recently. The fonts and colours she likes were incorporated into her new website.

A brand new feature to the Kel’s Belles website was an online shop. One of the industries worst affected by the global pandemic has been the hair and beauty industry. They were one of the first to be closed and nearly the last to reopen under the initial UK lockdown. In the months between major lockdowns, the rolling and ever-changing rules have forced many salons like Kel’s Belles to be closed for the majority of the last year.

One important lesson businesses have learnt during the pandemic is to have multiple and diverse revenue streams. Kelly recognises that if and when her salon is closed due to the legal restrictions, she can still trade online and sell products with an online shop.

Working with Kelly to develop a brand-new online eCommerce store will help provide new revenue streams and ensure Kel’s Belles can weather whatever storm is still to come in 2021.

Ongoing support and training

Building a brand new website with multiple custom post types and an eCommerce store is great, but incredibly tricky for almost all business owners to maintain easily.

As part of my ongoing pledge to provide first-class aftercare to all clients, I endeavoured to provide support and training for Kelly to help her manage her new website.

After we had finished building and testing her website, I recorded several help videos and shared them with Kelly via my learning portal. I’m always keen to provide additional support and training as Kelly’s use of her new website changes.

In summary

Take some time today to check out the brand-new Kel’s Belles website. It’s very important to support small businesses across the UK. With a new website and an eCommerce shop, it’s even easier for people across the country to support Kelly and Kel’s Belles.

If you are looking to launch a new business or give an existing one a makeover, please do reach out to us at Tiny Blue Rocket and find out how we can help you get your perfect website!