Junior Golfer – A Striking Website!

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

During my decade as a teacher, I learnt how important it is to let young stars shine. When you spot natural, unmistakable talent you need to do all you can to nurture it.

I was given the immense pleasure of working on a website for a young man who has big potential as a golfer.

The brief

Amanda Williams came to Tiny Blue Rocket via our price calculator bot. She wanted a one-page website to help share news and create a spotlight for her teenage son, Kai. He is a keen junior golfer and dreams of moving this interest into a career.
With our price calculator, we quoted only £100 for a one-page website and we were honest to that quote. We were also able to help with purchasing a domain name, creating a logo and setting up hosting.
In terms of the brief, it was clear and straightforward. A one-page site would be sufficient to share information, news and results for Kai and his golf.

Design. Develop. Publish

Within a matter of days, I worked to secure the perfect domain name and agreed on a style with Amanda and Kai.
Within days a prototype website was constructed for the Williams family to look at, test and offer tweaks. The prototype was so on brief that what is live now is almost exactly what was shared with Amanda and Kai within days of our first discussion.
What became clear was that just a one-page website would not fulfil the task. They required a second mini page to provide more information about Kai’s chosen clubs and also a blog template would be necessary to help construct news updates.
It would be easy to start ramping up the price and tell the client that they now owe more than was agreed, but that’s not how I work and not the ethos behind Tiny Blue Rocket. We had agreed to a price for a one-page website and that was the price that was adhered to. Customer satisfaction is always worth more than money.
In the end, the website that was designed features a key section of text about Kai, designed to be easily found with a search engine. There is also a section about Kai’s key stats and his upcoming fixtures. The news section features a Twitter feed and a blog feed and below it is a Gallery section featuring some great shots taken by @sgwmediaa.
You can pack so much great content into a one-page website without overloading it or making the viewing experience difficult. What has been achieved is a great one-page portfolio website.

In summary

I’m looking forward to sitting down to watch the Ryder Cup in the future and cheering on Europe and Kai Williams! What a pleasure it was to help create an online spotlight for a talented young man.
Please take the time today to have a look at Kai Williams’ website and keep a close eye on him as he carries on his rise in the golfing world!
If you need a website, either a one-page website or a more complex design, use our price calculator to get a quote and get in touch with us today.