Greens Ovens Cleans – A Perfect One-Page Website!

Greens Oven Cleans - A perfect one-page website!

by Alex Morgan

It's live!

There is one moment in this job that brings sheer joy – the moment that a new website is published!
We had the absolute pleasure of working with Trevor Green of Greens Oven Cleans to help him redesign his website for his oven and kitchen appliance cleaning business.
We were able to create a perfect one-page website and get it live in under 5 days!

The brief.

When Trevor came to us, via our price calculator bot, he had a clear vision. He wanted a new, more modern website and only felt he required a single page website.
With our price calculator, we quoted only £100 for a one-page website and we were honest to that quote.
Previously, Trevor’s website was built with Wix and he believed it needed tidying up and simplifying for the modern website visitor.
Trevor was a near perfect person to work with because he made it clear what he wanted and provided clear communication. He also endeavoured to provide photos and domain access speedily so to enable us to get his website completed easily.

Design, develop, publish.

Within 48 hours of our phone call, we were able to offer a prototype for Trevor to view and discuss. It actually only took 24 hours, but I personally wanted to double check parts of it to ensure it was 100% fit to be shared with Trevor.
The prototype is almost entirely what is now live. We had listened carefully to Trevor’s brief and taken time to analyse the skilled trade and cleaning sectors for key aspects, trends and keywords.
The header and contact page of the website feature stock images of kitchens. From looking at key companies in the cleaning sector it was clear that an oven cleaning company is not just selling a clean oven, but a promise of a lovely kitchen. For so many people the kitchen is the heart of soul of their house and life. You’re not just cleaning their oven but caring for their kitchen.
Have a look at the photos and you’ll spot there are no photos of dirty ovens. Another key feature we spotted when analysing the trends in this sector was that a business needs to promote the perfect, clean oven, not the previous dirty one. People will only look at a website and a photo for milliseconds – you need to connect with them on a deep emotional level in that briefest of time.
Aside from the photos, Trevor also required both text to explain what services he offers and a clear way for clients to communicate with him.
We provided clear, SEO-friendly text in the ‘About’ section. We took the text on his existing website and rewrote it to focus on the keywords and phrases the business needed to promote.
The contact section has Trevor’s phone number, email address and business location clear and accessible plus a contact form for people to fill out and wait for a response.
All of this was put together in around 24 hours. After a few tweaks and the setting up of new hosting for Trevor, we were able to push his website live in under 5 days.
In less than a week Trevor had a new, modern website that was on brief and on budget.

Customer review.

In summary.

If you’re looking for a new website and aren’t sure who to go to, or how to get started, come to us.
Our perfect 5-star reviews show that we are the best web designer for you and your business.
Try our price calculator today to find out exactly what a new website would cost you!

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