Every Business Needs a Blog

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

In our previous blog post, I talked about how content is king and how you can easily boost your website’s ranking by creating content.
Of the many ways, including vlogging, social media and podcasting, blogging is by far the easiest and often most effective way of using content to boost your business.

Due to its power, every business needs a blog. Regardless of the size, scope or industry of your business, it can benefit from regular blog posts.

What are the advantages?

You can read many articles that tell you about the big advantages of blogging for business. I have read them all and distilled it down to three key advantages.

To bring in traffic and leads

If you place your blog inside your existing business website anyone reading your blog will be travelling to your website. Getting people to your website can sometimes be a challenge for businesses, especially those in a crowded industry.
Traffic is pointless if it just makes a Google Analytics chart look nice. When you get people to your website or your blog, you want to find some way of converting them into customers. With great content, add great call-to-action buttons or forms and people will be encouraged to interact further with your business.

Showcase your skills

As the title of this post suggests, blogging is for every business. Regardless of what you do, you can use a blog to show you are an industry expert and you have skills and knowledge.
An oven cleaner can create blog posts about how to care for and maintain your oven. Or posts about best eco-friendly cleaning products.
A cafe could showcase how to make the perfect carrot cake or talk about their suppliers and why their coffee is the best.
A blog creates a tangible link between corporate business and the customers.

Build human relationships

It’s very hard on a business website to come across as caring and ‘human’. A blog is a great way to connect with people, person to person.
Talk about your experiences and make it fun and conversational and people will care so much more about your business. For small, local businesses, that caring, personal relationship truly matters and is what helps a business grow.

What are the disadvantages?

There’s no point writing a blog once a year or once every few months. You need to try to put something up once a week or once a fortnight.
For so many small business owners they would be distraught at the idea. They’re already so busy with the many other tasks, the thought of finding the time to sit down and carefully craft a blog post would seem impossible.
However, from my own experience, it works. I spent around three months last year focussing on creating blog content for Tiny Blue Rocket. At the time it seemed a thankless and pointless task. But from that effort and endeavour, I now get much more regular traffic and leads. Some of my blog posts are even at the top of the Google search rankings for some keywords.
Despite how hard it might seem to find the time to write blog posts on a regular basis, I have seen its value and seen how it can transform a business. If you find the time once a week or once a fortnight it will pay off!

How do I get started?

You essentially have two choices. You can either add a blog onto your existing website (you could always reach out to us for a new website!) or you can create a blog on an external platform.
By building a blog on your own website it will mean you’ve got people onto your website and can better encourage them to become a customer. If your website is built with a platform like WordPress it’s quite easy to add a blog onto an existing website.
If you cannot add a blog onto your website you can use a platform like Medium to host your words. Medium is blogging or news website where people go to read great articles. By having your blog posts there it can increase your chance of people stumbling over your articles and reading.
Sometimes the best path is both. All of our blog posts, this one included, is featured on our website and on Medium. This does increase the likelihood of people reading the article whilst ensuring people can still find out more and become customers.
To help you get the ball rolling, there are loads of great ebooks, articles and content to help you understand how to get started with a blog and how to get it ranking and drawing in traffic.

In summary

Every business needs a blog. Find the time to write blog posts for and about your business and you will see the benefit.
By showcasing your skills and connecting with people on a human level it will help draw in more business and build trust with potential customers.
If you need help getting started, or help getting set up, feel free to get in touch and find out how we can help.