Driving Instructors – Stand out with a great website

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

With around 50,000 driving instructors in the UK and around 300 new applicants every month, being a driving instructor puts you into a very large and, potentially, over-populated industry.
How does one driving instructor stand out from the rest when a prospective learner looks to find an instructor?

Visually stunning website

Obviously, as a web design agency, we believe the answer is with a great website!
With so many driving instructors for any one learner to choose from, you need to ensure you’re noticed. The credibility of a business is based 75% on their website. A great website matters.
However, any sort of website will do, right? It doesn’t need to look good or be modern. Sadly, no – 88% of online visitors will not want to engage with your business if they have a bad experience online. This could be due to slow or non-mobile-friendly website.
Getting a modern, stunning and effective website will help a business grow and become successful.

The target market (and why it matters)

Learner drivers can mostly fall into one of two groups. Either young people from 17 to their early 20s or people coming later to driving in their 30s and over.
This means the diverse age of a driving instructor’s target market is quite vast. You can have a 17-year-old and a 60-year-old learning with the same instructor. How can you possibly create a website that appeals to everyone?
If you look at a recent website we made for a driving instructor, the answer is to make a website that’s vibrant, modern and inviting. This will please the eye of the hard-to-please teenager, whilst not putting off but impressing the older learner.
It can be tempting to pitch your website and marketing at a younger audience or a more mature one, but in doing so you miss out on other prospective customers. We can help you build a website, a brand and a marketing model that will appeal to as many people as possible.

Modern, responsive and built for SEO

All of the websites we create are built using the Elementor page builder. This ensures that every website is modern, responsive and really easy to edit.
There’s no point having a business website that you can’t edit yourself. We don’t believe in locking clients into long-term contracts or forcing them to pay us to make simple changes.
We build great websites are that are both visually wonderful, but ridiculously easy to maintain. There’s no hidden fees or extra costs, just one great website!
Not only are our websites built to be easy to edit, but they’re built to rank well in search engines. We know that search engine optimisation (SEO) is fundamentally important to a website and a business. Every website we build is done to the highest SEO standards.
If you want to move your website further up the rankings we can also help you boost your SEO will a wide range of paid packages. We have access to industry-leading SEO tools that will see your website climb the rankings and leave your competitors behind.

Marketing on autopilot

One of the hardest aspects of being a driving instructor is attracting new learners. Standing out from the crowd is tricky, but just finding time to advertise, market and promote your business is near impossible.
So many driving instructors are out and about taking learners on lessons from early in the morning into the evening, sometimes 7 days a week. Finding the time (or even the energy) to market themselves can be so hard.
However, with Messenger marketing, you can market and promote your business 24/7 with minimal input.
At Tiny Blue Rocket we can help build a Messenger chatbot. This chatbot can then interact with prospective learners and encourage them to learn with you.
Every chatbot is built to both help answer simple questions and help market a business. For instance, if a learner wants to know the area you work in, rather than spending time calling you and trying to get the answer, they can ask your chatbot and get an immediate answer. Little things like this help you and your business stand out and impress potential learners.
Why use Messenger to connect with prospective learners? Facebook Messenger is one of the most-used messaging apps in the world. Around 80 billion messages are sent with it every day, so it’s well used and well-loved. It is especially loved by teenagers and young adults. While Facebook is still heavily used by the ‘more mature’ online users, Messenger is incredibly popular amongst younger people and is often their favourite way of communicating.
Positioning your business to be making the most out of Messenger could make a huge difference. Especially when you pair your Facebook Messenger account with a chatbot that can help you market and support your business 24/7.

In summary

If you are one of the 50,000 driving instructors in the UK and are looking to stand out and compete in this busy industry, get in touch today. We can help you get your perfect website. One that’s modern, responsive and SEO-friendly.
We can also help you market your business while you’re busy doing what you do best as a driving instructor.
Want to find out more about what we can do. Read Tracy’s story and our latest case study.