Design Prototype to Elementor

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

Designing a beautiful website is no easy tasks. Converting a visual design into a functioning website is an even harder task!

There are many tools, such as Adobe XD, Invision and Figma, which make it straightforward to create visual designs for a website. Elementor is the perfect tool to convert those design prototypes into working websites.

Why might you need this?

I have worked in the past with designers to convert concepts into Elementor websites. Many designers enjoy the process of designing but don’t want the hassle of website building.

Sometimes turning a concept built with a prototyping platform can seem impossible to convert into a website.

Conversely, some web design agencies have reached out to me and my business. Due to high levels of workload, they want to outsource some work to other designers. We offer a white-label Elementor service and can turn designs you’ve agreed with clients into working websites.

Whatever your situation, if you have a design in mind for your website but don’t want to spend time building it in Elementor, we can help.

How does it work?

If you are interested in converting your Adobe XD, Invision or Figma design into an Elementor website, you can start by getting in touch.

Once I’ve seen the design file I can work out the process of converting the design into Elementor and give an idea of cost.

What helps massively is a clear break down of colours and fonts. Which brand colours are used on the website and which fonts (even which size per H tag). With that information, I can build the Elementor ‘Site Settings’ and begin the process from the best possible footing.

What’s the cost?

A rough cost would be £100 per web page. However, it depends massively on what you want to be included on each page.

Complex forms, interactivity and extra advanced features would obviously lead to an increase in price, it just depends on what you need.

Some clients in the past have asked for one or two pages to be built so they can then copy over the design to other Elementor pages themself. That’s also absolutely fine!

What if the project requires additional plugins?

Not a single design prototype conversion task I’ve completed has not required additional plugins beyond Elementor.

When you initially send over your design I can outline how the website can be built in Elementor and any additional plugins required.

As an agency, we have access to a wide range of premium licenses for plugins we’ve purchased for our clients. If it is needed, we can use our licenses on your website. We are not reselling licenses, just making the process easier for you by offering you the best range of plugins.

Responsive layouts for everyone!

One of the key crucial details for any modern website is whether it works perfectly on all devices.

There’s no point in building a great website for desktops and laptops that doesn’t work on mobiles or tablets!

A key part of the Adobe XD/Invision/Figma to Elementor service we offer is to design all pages to work on all devices. When you send over your design it may be in desktop layout or mobile layout. If you can send it over with an idea for both layouts it makes it easier. If not, I can convert one layout to fit all devices.

In summary

If you have designed a great website with Adobe XD, Invision or Figma and want it turned into a great website, get in touch.

I can help turn design prototypes into functioning websites with Elementor.
Also, if you need help doing it yourself, we provide Elementor help and support.