The Client Learning Portal

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

In our previous blog post, I looked at how we are improving the way we support clients. We looked at how clients share content with us and how we communicate throughout the process of building their new website.

One existing part of our client support is our learning portal. It was launched eight months ago. Since then it has been a much-loved part of our overall first-class aftercare. It’s even formed part of the recent reviews we’ve received.

With many months and many uses already, I felt it was a great time to talk about how the portal has been used and how it has evolved.

What’s the purpose of the portal?

The reason why a learning portal was created was to improve the way we trained clients to look after their own website. I believe strongly in empowering clients to manage and maintain their own website.

I don’t want to create websites that are locked and force clients to pay just so we can make simple changes to their own website. By building our websites with Elementor it means our websites are ridiculously easy to maintain. Therefore, with a bit of support and training, all of our clients can manage their own website.

How does it work?

Once a client’s website goes live we record a series of custom videos. In them, we showcase, through screen recording, how they can edit and maintain all key aspects of their website.

From using Elementor to SEO and Woocommerce for online shops, we try to anticipate what our clients will want to know more about. As a MailerLite Expert, we also provide training for any additional features we recommend to clients.

The purpose of custom-recording the videos is so what we showcase is being done on the client’s own website. There is no struggle to replicate what we show, we make our training as specific and relatable as possible.

Is it complicated to use?

The learning portal has been designed to be as simple to use as possible. Clients are given unique login details. Once logged in on the home page, they immediately access their own landing page. The page lists all of the ‘modules’ we’ve made for them.

Clicking on a module takes them through to a page for that module where a text description supports the video on that page.

Clients can easily navigate back to their own landing page and take a new module. Clients are unable to access anyone else’s landing page and only need to make two clicks to access any piece of training!

Can it be used for ongoing support?

Although we try to anticipate everything a client will need to know, inevitably clients do ask for more videos.

We don’t make a few videos and leave it at that. We encourage our clients to ask for more. If any video wasn’t quite in-depth enough, we can provide more detail and depth. If a client wants to learn something extra about their website, we can help.

We’ve even made training and support videos for business support and tools outside of the website we’ve built. When I say we provide first-class aftercare I really do mean it!

In summary

At Tiny Blue Rocket we endeavour to make beautiful, functional and responsive website for businesses. However, just creating great websites is not enough.

We strive to provide excellent communication and support to our clients during and after the building of their website. We believe everyone deserves first-class support and first-class aftercare.

If you are looking at improving your website or getting a first website, get in touch with us at Tiny Blue Rocket and enjoy an even better service during and after your website build process.