Business After the Pandemic

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

There’s no denying that we are living through one of the most impactful periods of modern history. We’ve seen so many changes in the world in the last 20 years, but no single event will have such a serious and long-lasting impact on almost every person on Earth like this pandemic.

As a business owner, I know all too well that there are many concerns that this is bringing to my business. We’ve had ongoing or potential projects stop and we’re facing a period of uncertainty. This is, of course, the same for almost every business.

While the initial response to the pandemic is starting to become part of our lives, a sense of normality can begin. I’ve been batch-cooking meals for the next few weeks and teaching my five-year-old some Maths, but it’s back to business as well.

For many business owners like me, there will become a time soon when they can start to look ahead and wonder what the business world will look like after the pandemic.

Business after Covid-19

Many businesses have survived the past 12 years, with financial crashes, recessions and austerity. Whatever happens, this pandemic will lead to a completely different landscape for businesses.
As restaurants, cafes and pubs have been forced to close, they’ve started offering takeaways. They are a great example of how so many businesses have had to pivot and be agile to survive. I wonder, though, how many of those restaurants, cafes and pubs will continue to offer takeaways after the pandemic?
The food delivery and takeaway market is worth £6.2 billion and is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Britain. So many of those establishments that have started offering takeaways in the past few weeks have worked in opposition to this growing trend.
While the term ‘on trend’ makes me feel slightly queasy, it’s very important going forward that businesses keep an eye of market trends and adopt them. The food businesses that were already using Just Eat or offering takeaways haven’t had to painfully change their business model. By adopting trends it means your business is flexible for when a future crisis hits.
Those businesses with fairly rigid business models and revenue streams might struggle to survive this pandemic. After the pandemic, every business will need to make multiple revenue streams and be fully agile to be able to cope with any future crisis.
You certainly couldn’t call having a website as being ‘on trend’. However, it’s remarkable how many businesses don’t have a website or certainly don’t utilise the one they have. After Covid-19, every business will need to be fully online and utilising it for its connectivity to customers.

The time is now to be online

The ‘brick and mortar’ businesses are struggling during this pandemic. Any business where you physically have to walk in to use it cannot carry on trading unless they offer food or medicine.
For many people, this shows the power of being online. Any current ‘brick and mortar’ business that also sells online will cope sufficiently during this period.
Clothes shops that also have an online store will still be able to trade. Electrical shops that also have an e-commerce shop will still be making sales online. No single incident in our history has better shown the importance of having your business online.
While it’s great to be online, some business simply can’t offer an online service. Driving instructors, hair salons and oven cleaners can’t make online sales. But they can attract future customers with their online presence.
A driving instructor could use their website or social media to offer hints and tips about driving and passing tests. An oven cleaner could create a blog or vlog outlining how to care for your oven yourself (whilst mentioning it’s best to use experts like them!). Hair and beauty salons can offer tips and tutorials. All of these businesses can even set up a paid subscription service to access these skills.
Those sorts of ideas aren’t just for now, during this pandemic, but could be how they market and ‘sell’ their business going forward. Whatever business you own, it’s become so clear that having a fully-function and well-utilised website and online presence is fundamentally important.

Flexible finances

As we look towards life after Covid-19 we need to ensure our businesses can bounce back after the virus has subsided. We also need to ensure our businesses are crisis-proof in the future.
A great time to start making changes is during this lockdown. Whether you’ve got small children running around like me, or not, this lockdown does present everyone with a lot of time.
Ensuring you’ve got a great website that can be easily edited and maintained should be a target for every business. This period of isolation is a great time to make a start on it.
But how can anyone afford it? As we wait for money to become available for businesses and the self-employed, finances are very tight. A website can cost upwards of £300. Surely that’s impossible to afford at this moment?
At Tiny Blue Rocket we are offering fully flexible payments plans. We appreciate every business is struggling financially at the moment, but we also know that getting a great website is too important. It could be the difference between surviving the pandemic or not!
We want to help all businesses and that means being flexible in our approach. If you need a new website you can reach out to us and we are happy to help. You can pay what you can afford now and the rest once you can afford more. No pressure, no interest payments, no hassle. We’re in this together.
Keep an eye out on our blog posts for more information soon about our payment plans, but rest assured, there are no hidden catches.

In summary

The world before and after Covid-19 will be unrecognisable. The same goes for the business world.
Never has it been more obvious that every business needs to be successfully using their website and social media to grow their business. Whether it be offering e-commerce sales or just offering tips, tricks and advice, the businesses that succeed online will succeed in a crisis.
If you want help getting your website and your business ready for life after the pandemic, get in touch today.