Automatic Follow-Up Emails with MailerLite

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

One of the most challenging parts of running a business website is connecting with people. Another challenging aspect is to provide a consistent, professional impression without spending a fortune on marketing.

It’s fairly easy in a physical, real-life shop for staff to engage with customers and to create a welcoming and professional experience. On a website, there is a sense of disconnect. You cannot freely talk to your visitors in the same way, but you can follow up on people in a digital way.

Using an email marketing platform, such as MailerLite, allows you to create branded, professional emails. The best part is that you don’t need to spend hours writing an email to everyone who fills in a form or buys a product, you can automate the whole process!

When might you need automatic emails?

Every business website needs to create points of contact with users. From contact forms to newsletter sign-ups, and of course eCommerce as well, there are many ways you can get visitors to connect with your website and your business.

When someone does fill in a contact form, for instance, what happens next? You will hopefully get an email sent to you with what the user has entered. Do you send an email to the user? If so, is it carefully branded and written to reflect a high level of professionalism?

Every one of those points of contact on your website can be linked up to MailerLite and then can be connected to an automation process. From that point, you can send them anything from a simple ‘Thank you’ email to a more complex one with steps to take, etc.

What can you include in the emails?

With the user-friendly, drag-and-drop email builder within MailerLite, you can fairly easily add any type of content you require.

You can start with your business’ logo and brand colours, very important to help provide that high level of professionalism. From there, you can add images, videos, buttons and even lists of products from an eCommerce store.

With our onboarding email, our clients are sent a video that shows them how to get started with our web design process. We have also helped numerous online stores link their eCommerce shop to MailerLite. That connection allows the businesses to send out new products or products on sale with links built into their emails.

The best part, though, is you can use personalisation. When a user fills out a form and puts in their first name you can then and dynamically add in their name into the follow-up email. So rather than the email being a bland, business email, it can feel like a personal discussion.

Let’s try an example!

If you fill out the form below you will be sent a follow-up email. Within that branded email will be an image, a welcome video and a button for people to click. If you watch that video you can find out more about how that email was built and a bit more about the automation within MailerLite.

Fill out the form to see an example!

Can I send daily or weekly emails?

When you start an automation process with MailerLite it’s not just able to send one email. You can add in daily, weekly or monthly emails as part of the automation process. As soon as someone connects with your business you can connect with them regularly.

You can also use conditions in MailerLite. So if someone doesn’t open an email you can send a second email the next day to explain why they should engage with your business. You can also send different emails to those who have clicked on links in emails from those who haven’t engage.

There really is a high level of customisation available with MailerLite!

What does it cost?

You might imagine that a system that allows you to send professional, branded, customised emails might be expensive. One that allows you to send regular marketing emails must be pricey, right?

MailerLite is entirely free to use for the first 1000 subscribers. You can easily send high-quality business emails to people entirely for free!

In summary

As a MailerLite expert, we can help you get started with email marketing. You can connect with website visitors with the same warmth and professionalism that you would in a real-life situation.

If you need help getting started or linking MailerLite to your website, get in touch today.