5 Reasons Why Your Website Should Be Built With Elementor

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

For any business owner looking to get a new or first website, there are seemingly endless ways to get that website. You can go for a DIY builders, like Wix and Squarespace. Otherwise, you can hire a professional web designer, freelancer or an agency. They might prefer to build websites in WordPress, Drupal, or another CMS.

There’s so much choice. What would we recommend?

As a web design agency, we exclusively build our clients’ website in WordPress with the Elementor page builder. Why do we prefer Elementor and why is it the best choice for any business’ website? Here are our 5 reasons why we think your website should be built with Elementor.

1. It can be easily edited

For any business getting a great website is a priority. However, what’s the point of a great website if it’s impossibly hard to update and maintain?
At Tiny Blue Rocket we build websites for our clients. By that I mean we build them with our clients in mind and how they will edit their website.
Elementor is a drag and drop editor. You can drag in new features and easily drop them anywhere on a webpage. You can also click and edit any text block, image or other key features.
We have designed and built many websites with Elementor and every client has commented on how easy the end website is to edit and maintain. Clients who have struggled in the past and found previous websites impossible to update report that they love using Elementor!
When we recommend Elementor the core reason we tell clients and businesses their website must be built with Elementor is the ease of use. Nobody wants to pay hundreds or thousands of pounds on a website that they can’t easily maintain.

2. It’ll save you money!

Oh yes, these reasons are perfectly dove-tailed! From talking to clients about their experience with websites we know that having a website with Elementor saves them money.
The primary reason why having a website built with Elementor save you money is you don’t have to keep paying for changes. One way that agencies and designers obtain recurring income is to charge clients for the agency to make changes to the client’s website.
Paying an agency to make tweaks can easily put a small business under financial strain. Ultimately it ends up with businesses not getting their website regularly updated, and this, in turn, affects the business.
By Elementor being so incredibly easy to use, it ensures you won’t need to keep going back to a designer and paying them to make basic updates or changes. Your website can be controlled by you at no extra cost!
Another way that Elementor saves you money is that it is very easy to redesign a website. Any successful business knows the hassle of a major website redesign. They will have paid a small fortune for their website then need to pay a small fortune again to have it modernised only a few years later.
Often the biggest expense from a redesign is starting the website from scratch. Having a website built, for instance, in WordPress without Elementor would mean you might need a new theme. That, in turn, means it’s best to start from the beginning with a complete rebuild.
With Elementor, you don’t rely on themes, you build the theme yourself. So, when it comes time for a redesign your new website can be quickly and easily built on top of your existing website.
Suddenly redesigning and modernising a website becomes an easy, painless process when the website is built with Elementor.

3. It’s scalable and future-proof

Due to the way that Elementor is a complete theme designer, rather than just a page builder, it is infinitely scalable.
By scaleable, what I mean is that you can easily add new features and adapt the website as the business evolves.
If, for instance, you have a small cafe which starts out as humble and simple, you might just need a humble, simple website. As the business becomes a roaring success you then need to have online table bookings and ordering online.
In the past, you would’ve needed to either tac on those new features in an inconsistent manner or have a complete website redesign, at a cost, of course!
Out of the box, Elementor comes with loads of website features, plus there are hundreds of Elementor plugins. Also, Elementor works well with pretty much any plugin. So adding on a feature like bookings and ordering is not a major problem with Elementor.
So, with Elementor being so easy to edit, you could just do a quick website redesign that incorporates these new features. A task that a designer can complete in a couple of hours and not cost you much at all.
Having a website built with Elementor means your business and its website can both be agile. The website can be scaled and be future-proof to match the business as it evolves.

4. You can connect your CRM/email accounts

One of the main ways that you adapt and evolve a business is through its marketing. Often new businesses grow through word-of-mouth and small-scale marketing. As a business becomes established it will need to reach out to potential customers or clients and ensure they get repeated business.
One such important way is through email marketing and/or with a CRM (customer relationship management system). Businesses want to capture the contact details of potential or current customers and entice them to keep coming back.
In the past, it’s not always been so easy to have such a system in place through a website. While it’s been possible, it’s been undeniably expensive for smaller businesses.
With Elementor, they have included a wealth of marketing tools for every website and every business. The Elementor marketing tools include a form builder, popup builder and integration with email marketing and CRM software.
Even the most non-tech-savvy person can easily build a contact form with Elementor. You can then place forms either onto web pages in popups. Once the form is submitted you can connect the form to Mailchimp, Hubspot, Salesforce, or any other email marketing or CRM suite.
Elementor empowers businesses to use skilled marketing tactics without paying thousands of pounds for a professional marketing company. Having a website built with Elementor means you can grow your business and market your business easily and cheaply.

5. It’s got (almost) every feature you’ll nee

As I mentioned in point 3 and expanded on in point 4, Elementor comes with a huge array of features you can have built into any website or web page.
Every time we work with a new client they always ask, “can my website do this…?” or maybe, “could I have this feature on my website…?”
Every time we’re asked that the answer is, of course, “yes!”
With Elementor, you can have a simple website and you get a complex, dynamic website. There are almost no limitations, besides your own creativity!
A simple search on the WordPress plugin repository shows hundreds of extra plugins for Elementor. So many developers have created plugins to expand the capabilities of Elementor.
Not only is Elementor a powerful page builder, but there are loads of great plugins that can help you achieve exactly what you want from your website. This, then means that your website can have that special feature you might’ve thought wouldn’t be possible.
Having your website built with Elementor means you can have an amazing website. When Elementor is paired with other plugins it can be used to create almost anything you can dream of.

In summary

When you are thinking about getting a new or a first website, think about Elementor.
Not only is it a ridiculously easy page builder to use, but it will also save you money and make it incredibly simple to scale your website while you scale and grow your business.
If you want to get a website built with Elementor, you will want to work with The Elementor Agency!