5 Reasons Why We Build Websites With Elementor

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

At Tiny Blue Rocket we are an Elementor web design agency. We exclusively design and build websites for our clients with Elementor. Why have we decided to focus entirely on using Elementor and what benefits does it bring for us and, most importantly, for our clients.
Let’s explore the 5 reasons why we use Elementor.

1. Quick and easy to build

The first reason is simply that it is incredibly quick and easy to use as a page builder to design websites.
Why would the speed matter for our clients, though? From our experience, we have been able to meet with new clients, create a prototype website design, tweak and complete the website in under two weeks.
That speed means that clients who need a first website or are desperate for a change to their existing website do not need to enter into a long, drawn-out process.
With other page builders or other methods of designing websites, it can take months to slowly, agonisingly craft a website. By working with such a powerful, but effortless page builder it makes getting a new website as painless as possible for business owners.

2. Incredibly easy to edit content

For any web design agency getting recurring income can be what makes or breaks the business. One way that agencies obtain recurring income is to charge clients for the agency to make changes to the client’s website.
Paying an agency to make tweaks can easily put a small business under financial strain. Ultimately it ends up with businesses not getting their website regularly updated, and this, in turn, affects the business.
At Tiny Blue Rocket that is not something we do, because we build websites that are ridiculously easy to edit. Easy for the clients to edit, I must add!
By using Elementor to design our websites we hand over a website that can be effortlessly edited by anyone. We offer 1-1 training and extensive support videos, but the feedback from our clients has been that they don’t need them. Even our most tech-unsavvy clients have found editing their website with Elementor is so simple.
So, we don’t obtain recurring income from editing our clients’ website. We do obtain recurring income from offering 5-star service. Due to the glowing recommendations we get from our clients, we know that they’ll recommend us to friends, family and everyone they know!

3. Complete theme control

Over the past 5 years, I’ve spent plenty of time designing and building websites with WordPress. I’ve come to see the benefits and pitfalls that exist with WordPress websites and working with WordPress.
One of the main pitfalls I’ve personally experienced is working with premium themes. I have, in the past, paid and downloaded premium themes for clients. By premium themes, I mean ones that offer loads of pre-designed page layouts, designs and options. Theses themes claim they’ll be the perfect solution for whatever website you’re building.
Time and time again I’ve found the premium themes can’t be easily edited to suit the client’s brief and quickly their business outgrows the theme.
Working with Elementor is different. You don’t really choose a theme, you design the theme. With Elementor you have total control over every aspect of your website.
This means that a client can get exactly what they want from their website. As their business grows, their website can be easily tweaked to grow with it.
Ultimately this saves time for us and for the clients. Most importantly, it saves an awful lot of money for our clients.
By having a website built with Elementor it guarantees you’ll get exactly the website you want, if not even better than you’d expected!

4. Mobile Responsive

By 2020 there is no way you could expect a website would be built that’s not 100% mobile-friendly. A website should work perfectly on every device, from phones to tablets to laptops and PCs.
You’d be amazed at how many ‘new’ websites I’ve seen still be designed for small businesses that are not great on mobile devices.
With Elementor you can tweak the design of your website to work perfectly on all devices. When you edit a page you can view it in mobile-mode and tablet-mode, as well as PC/laptop-mode. In each responsive mode, you can make changes to all parts of the pages to fit and work perfectly on that type of device.
Such a tool ensures the website will be 100% mobile-friendly, responsive and work perfectly on all devices.
Not all themes or page builders for WordPress offer such a tool or make it easy to make your website responsive.

5. Almost limitless potential

Finally, and very importantly still, you can design almost any website with Elementor.
Every time we work with a new client they always ask, “can my website do this…?” or maybe, “could I have this feature on my website…?”
Every time we’re asked that the answer is, of course, “yes!”
With Elementor, you can build simple websites and you can build complex dynamic websites. There are almost no limitations, besides your own creativity!
A simple search on the WordPress plugin repository shows hundreds of extra plugins for Elementor. So many developers have created plugins to expand the capabilities of Elementor.
Not only is Elementor a powerful page builder, but there are loads of great plugins that can help you achieve exactly what you want from your website. This, then means that clients can have that special feature they thought wouldn’t be possible.
There are hundreds of free plugins to expand Elementor. There are also loads of premium plugins as well. We use the Jet Plugins from Crocoblock for our clients’ websites.
Their premium plugins add an amazing range of extra capabilities, especially the Jet Engine plugin. This plugin allows us to add dynamic content to websites. We can design repeating sections, such as testimonials and services, that can be added easily in the WordPress dashboard then dynamically added to every relevant page.
Working with Elementor and Jet Engine means we can offer incredibly professional websites that are even easier to edit and maintain. Suddenly, all of the amazing features you see on big companies’ website can be used on small business’ website too.
Using Elementor means we can design amazing websites. Pairing it with other plugins means we can create almost anything you can dream of.

In summary

We love working with Elementor. Not just because it’s really easy for us to use, but for what it brings to our clients.
With the ease of editing, total control over your website and near-limitless features, this means that our clients can save time and money and still get their dream website!