5 Reasons to Choose Tiny Blue Rocket

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

Why Tiny Blue Rocket is your ideal web design agency.

In our previous blog post, we discussed the 5 reasons why it might be time for a new website. So, why would you want to get your new website with Tiny Blue Rocket?

As part of our current ‘5 Reasons…’ series here are the 5 key reasons why we are your ideal web design agency.

1. Pixel perfect – perfection!

Looks matter… but only for websites. You’ve got milliseconds to capture the interest of a website visitor. We make judgements about a business between the blinks of our eyes. Your business needs to take people’s breath away, both online and offline.
What we do is build websites that are not just functional and that work well, but also look good. As I say, looks matter with a website.
We endeavour to work with current web design trends to ensure your website looks modern and, therefore, your business looks modern. Obviously, as part of the modern look, we ensure your website is also fully mobile-friendly and visually appealing on all types of devices.

2. It’s all easy to maintain.

Often with beautiful web design, there is a compromise. Some designers or design agencies won’t let you touch the website and fear you messing up their fragile designs.
At Tiny Blue Rocket we build websites within WordPress. Most importantly though, we construct our websites using the Elementor visual page builder. This means that we can build beautiful websites quickly but also means you can easily maintain them.
We aren’t going to charge you extra for us to make simple changes to your website. You can easily use Elementor to drag and drop, point and click and easily make changes to all aspects of your website.
If you need a website manager to look after it for you, mainly due to time constraints, we can do that. However, as a first option, we ensure your website is as easy to maintain as possible.

3. From the simple to the simply complex

What do you want your website to do? We can do that!
It’s a simple question with a very confident answer, but we mean it. If you want a booking system for your restaurant or plumbing business, we can do that. If you want an ecommerce shop to sell clothes or coffee, we can do that.
By working within WordPress we have access to thousands of different plugins and tools to expand the functionality of your website.
We can ensure your website does whatever you want it to do!

4. One page might be enough!

Some digital agencies will look to make as much money from you and your business as possible. We prioritise having many happy customers over a few, newly poor customers. As part of our drive to offer the best possible service to customers, we often help them get just a one-page website. Often clients come to us with plans for a 5-page website, but when you actually look at what they want it would make much more sense to combine all of those sections onto one page. While we charge per page for websites, we try to provide the best website for you and your customers. Your website visitors will not want to spend time clicking through pages to find what they’re looking for. People are very impatient online now. If you can get across all of the information you want to your visitors on just one page, we will prioritise that. Whatever you want you can be safe in the knowledge that we want the best for you and your business first and foremost.

5. Hosting, SEO, Chatbots – we’ve got you covered.

By being a digital agency we can provide a range of solutions for you and your website. Firstly we can provide hosting. It’s not an expectation that you will use us for hosting, but we have that option to make it easier for you. Our hosting is super fast, secure and works perfectly with WordPress. Secondly, we can offer a range of SEO options to improve your business’ ranking on Google. We work with a market-leading SEO provider to analyse, edit and improve your website all with the aim of maximising its ranking. You don’t need to go elsewhere and this ensures we can keep the cost down for you. Finally, we are a growing Messenger chatbot agency. We recognise the power of AI bots and understand that by 2020 over 80% of all businesses will use a chatbot. As such we can easily add on a chatbot to your website and your Facebook page for your business. The benefits of a chatbot are vast, but by working with a chatbot and web design agency you get a fully integrated bot.

In summary

Maybe it’s time for a change of website for your business. If that’s the case you should choose Tiny Blue Rocket to help.
We provide pixel-perfect websites that are really easy to maintain. We can also offer a huge range of simple or complex features to your website.