Boost your ranking

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

You may have the perfect website, but what’s the point if no one can see it?

At Tiny Blue Rocket we can offer industry-leading SEO services to help improve, tweak and boost your website in search and social rankings.

From keyword campaigns, to managed SEO options, we have a wide range of excellent services that will have a significant impact on your website and its visibility online.

It’s not just about keywords and backlinks, we can also offer blog content. Want to reach out to people with great blogs but don’t have time? We can write them for you!

Rocket power your website

Website speed optimisation

If your website takes longer than 5 seconds to load, research has shown that visitors will not wait and will go elsewhere.

Nothing can cripple a website and a business quite like a slow website. The message it sends people about your business is very unhelpful!

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to improving the speed and loading time of WordPress websites.

If you don’t want a total rebuild but want a speedier site, get in touch and find out how we can help.

Spring-clean your website

Tweaks, improvements & visual optimisation

Not every website needs a total overhaul. Sometimes a little tweak or visual improvement can be enough.

If you’re happy with your WordPress website, but would like some extra functionality or a few small bits improved, get in touch today.

You’ll be under no pressure to pay more for a new website if you don’t want it. Sometimes a tweak is all you need.

Let's work together!

Latest Reviews

What Clients Say

Review Person 4

Sue Windsor-Smith


"Created a website that I love"

I can’t rate Alex from Tiny Blue Rocket high enough. He has been absolutely amazing! He has listened to all my ideas and suggestions and created a website that I love. Alex has always replied to my emails promptly and has provided great customer service. Thank you so much.
Review Person 1

Tracy Beviss


"Modern, fresh and clear"

Tiny Blue Rocket spent time really finding out what I wanted and how I felt the website should feel. They then spent a great deal of time researching other websites within the industry to then put together this wonderful website for me, which looks much more modern, fresh and clear than websites of my industry competitors.
Review Person 3

Anna Boulton


"Highly recommended"

Really really great company. Personalised response for every question, very knowledgable, very patient. Service level outstanding, and immediate response to queries. Designed a built our business website. Highly recommended.
Review Person 2

Kelly-Marie Parker


"Amazing website!"

I am extremely pleased with my amazing website created by Alex at Tiny Blue Rocket. I loved the fact I could get hold of Alex easily and my questions were always answered quickly. I would highly recommend Tiny Blue Rocket.
Review Person 13

Amanda Williams


"My website is excellent"

Alex from Tiny Blue Rocket was amazing, my son’s golfing website is excellent. Alex was so easy to get hold of, he changed things right up to the last moment, and was so happy to do so. I was always able to get hold of him, and best of all we love the final site. Highly recommended!
Review Person 2

Michele Mortimer


"Thank you for my fantastic website!"

Thank you for my fantastic website! I’m so pleased with it all and thank you for your patience. Your emails and screencasted videos were so helpful. I’m not really good at all with this sort of thing, but you made it as easy as you could.