Try a Chatbot Today | Demo Chatbots

by Alex Morgan

by Alex Morgan

Have you heard about chatbots or Messenger bots? Not sure what it is or if it’s right for your business? The problem is explaining what a chatbot is and how it will help your business. Words cannot do it justice. You can’t learn to drive by being told how it do it – you’ve got to try it for yourself! So, as actions speak louder than words, we’ve designed three demo chatbots for you to play with so you can experience and understand chatbots. Find out why they are amazing and how they will help your business.

A beauty-ful demo bot.

Our first demo bot is for a fictional hair & beauty salon called Salonius. We thought about how a chatbot could aid and improve a business in this sector and realised communication would be the most important use of a chatbot. We created a chatbot that solves two problems for a hair & beauty salon.

Firstly, it can help explain what treatments the salon offers. If a customer wants to get in touch and ask if you do a specific treatment option they can very quickly and easily get their answer using the bot. This improves customer trust in the business and will certainly increase the number of treatments being booked.

Secondly, we wanted to showcase how easy it is for customers to submit a booking request. While it could be easier for a customer to just ring and make a booking on the phone, not all customers have the time to do that. When your customers are busy working in the daytime and don’t have the time to make personal phone calls, they will find it’s too late to call when they do have time. Make it easier for them to book an appointment by offering a 24/7 booking system within a Messenger bot. When you try the Salonius chatbot one of the first things you’ll see if Maria, our fictional receptionist, ready to greet you. Even though the communication is done through a bot, it’s still important to emphasise the human aspect of your business. Feel free to try out the Salonius chatbot, whether or not your own a hair & beauty salon, and see how a chatbot can aid customer communication.

It’s a shoe-in!

Our second chatbot was a bit of a curveball. A lot of the chatter around chatbots is about how a customer can talk to a business and get pre-written answers. This only highlights half of the power of a chatbot. Whatever business you run you can use a chatbot to greatly improve your marketing and promotions. Once a customer uses a chatbot they are opted-in and you can send our regular marketing or promotional messages through Facebook Messenger to entice them into your business. As we wrote in a recent blog, the stats don’t lie – only 34% of emails are opened, whereas 84% of Messenger messages are opened. All hail the chatbots! Using Messenger to replace your email marketing is great, but you can market much more directly with a chatbot. With viral promotions, you can make your latest sale or current promotion a truly fascinating experience for your customers. Our ShoeFinder demo bot is designed to show how you can use a chatbot to directly increase sales and product awareness. Inspired by the recent ‘Bandersnatch’ episode of Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror’, we devised a ‘choose your own adventure’ promotion to sell shoes. We give customers some details about the shoe brand, but ask them questions about what they want and filter and funnel them towards exactly the products that match their requirements. This is not only fun but increases customer trust and engagement. Think about how helpful it can be when a shoe salesperson helps you find exactly the shoe you’re looking for. It’s a lot easier than fiddling with filters on a website. Now imagine if you can take that knowledgable shoe salesperson and upload their soul and brain to the web so you can go shoe shopping at 2am. The ShoeFinder demo bot is not only fun, but a very reliable way of helping customers find exactly the product they require.

The rise of the microbots.

Does your business have a website? Does your business use social media? Does your business have a chatbot? By 2020 80% of businesses will be using a chatbot. 20% will be left behind. Not because chatbots are expensive or unnecessary, but because they will be too slow adopting this new revolution in business marketing. You might be thinking a chatbot is too pricey or won’t help your specific business. The reality is that chatbots don’t have to be expensive (and will actually earn you more money than you spend) and every business can benefit from a chatbot. Our third, and so far final, chatbot is an example of a microbot. A microbot is simply a small but powerful bot that offers a couple of simple solutions to a small business, but their impact is vast. The third demo bot is for a fictional cafe called Cafe Isca. Our vision for the fictional cafe is one that has a couple of tables, a few types of coffee and smoothies and some lovely handmade cakes. Not a business that is making millions, but one that breaks even and is happily modest. You might think that such a small business does not need a chatbot. While any business should have a website and absolutely must use social media to connect with customers, they must also use a chatbot. How does a chatbot aid this business? This chatbot is about information. It provides with information about the cafe’s location, current promotions and what they offer in terms of food and drink. Despite being a small, modest bot for a small, modest business it is packed full of great features like a Google Maps link, downloadable menus and email marketing signup. Whatever the size of your business a chatbot can greatly improve the way you communicate with your customers. Even a micro-business can make great use of a microbot.

In summary

In designing three demo bots we’ve highlighted three ways that a chatbot can help each and every business. From customer-business communication to marketing and information-sharing, a chatbot is impactful and beneficial. If you are unsure about whether a chatbot can help you and your business, please try our demo bots and you’ll fall in love with bots!