About Us

Why Tiny Blue Rocket?

How we started.

Origins & beginnings

It all started from a very simple moment. A friend needed a website to help promote their charity cycle ride. As part of their livery they wanted a logo from every business who helped them. So a new business was started!

From the inauspicious start, Tiny Blue Rocket grew and took on a wide range of clients from many business sectors. Helping develop the perfect website and guide them with their marketing.

Our philosophy.

What we believe in

At the core of everything we do is the business. Not our business but our client’s business.

We create their dream website and help them set the right tone for their marketing.

As part of us putting the client first, we never price out anyone. Whatever your budget we can help.

Who we work with.

Our clients and their businesses

Throughout our existence we’ve worked primarily with small and micro businesses. We help new businesses flourish and help to reinvigorate existing businesses.

As  the business has grown we have worked with larger companies and taken on a variety of business types.

We are not snobby about our clients. Whether you are a sole trader or a national company, we can and will help you!

How we can help.

Web design & marketing

We have two general areas of expertise, web design and digital marketing.

We can help you get the perfect website, optimise it for SEO and help you promote it online.

Also, we are firm believers in the power of automation. We help link websites and marketing so the whole process works as automatic as possible and lets you get on and run your business! 

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